The 2020 HumAIn Year In Review

Episodes and Articles from the HumAIn Podcast

For Technology, 2020 became a historic year with data at scale, artificial intelligence deployed across airports and for tracking COVID-19, and the emergence of new developer tools to speed the adoption and automation of technologies.

HumAIn explored all of these issues this year, in both 86 Technology Articles, 56 HumAIn Episodes (including 32 HumAIn Interviews), and 4 HumAIn Reports.

Today I summarize the most popular and most important posts of the year on HumAIn.

Here is the 2020 list.

The Five Most-Viewed Articles

The five most-viewed articles on HumAIn according to page views:

  1. How to Fight Coronavirus with Data Science and AI — Research from BlueDot and Harvard Medical School at the onset of the Pandemic

  2. What Skills New and Seasoned Data Scientists Should Learn in 2020 — MLOps, Agile, Deep Learning and more

  3. What are the Top 10 Data Science and AI Books of 2020 — Python, R, and breakout frameworks such as TensorFlow and PyTorch.

  4. Transform Your Data Science Projects with these 5 Steps of Design Thinking — There are five Steps: Data Cleaning, Refinement, Expansion, Learning, and Maintenance.

  5. Top 10 Developer Jobs — How Full Stack Developers and Machine Learning Engineers became more in-demand.

HumAIn Interviews

Thanks to the expansion of the HumAIn Podcast I devoted more Episodes this year to interviews, including: